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Dre Prince with super middleweight champion Andre Ward.
July 22, 2016

Andre Prince: The Mastermind Behind the Next Sports Empire

The Sharp and Humble Sports Agent Shares his Journey into Sports Entrepreneurship

Respect. Loyalty. Family. These are the core values of the south’s most promising sport agent, Dre Prince.

“My mission, when I leave this place, is leave it better than I found. If I’ve helped put people in a position to better themselves and better the lives of their children, I know I’ve done something right with my life” said the up and coming Houstonian.

Soft-spoken with a very easy-going energy, Prince is what you would consider a people person, so it’s no surprise that he wants to make championing others a full-time job.

Though he is just out of college, Prince is virtually a veteran in the sport management game compared to others his age.

He first got his start in the industry back in 2012, representing a now 9-0 featherweight boxing prodigy Tramaine Williams. Williams got his first professional appearance under the lights of the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas and is now on his comeback path, following a short stint in prison. Dre admits that he does have an uphill battle in helping Williams regain his standing but knows that his talents, combined with Prince’s marketing abilities, will put him back into contention.

Now with almost 5 years of management experience, Prince has his eyes set on developing his long term goals – building the largest sports agency in the southern region of United States.

“The west coast and east coast have a lot of big firms, so I’d like to start something in the south to capture this market. There is a lot of athletic talent in Texas, Louisiana and all the way to Florida. I want the opportunity to represent and promote those guys.”

Prince’s latest activities have revolved around professional basketball. His social media accounts are peppered with photos of him scouting and recruiting at NBA Summer League games. He is also in the process of acquiring established players to his portfolio, including University of Houston standout and San Antonio Spur Jonathan Simmons.

Networking within the industry is something Prince attributes towards his fast start in the basketball world. Prince has already aligned himself with several established agents who have made their careers representing players like HOF Karl Malone and NBA champion Rashard Lewis.

“I consider my career path one of an entrepreneur, so I would say that building real and lasting relationships is the key to my or any other entrepreneur’s success.” said Prince. “It’s one thing meeting lots of people, but it’s critical to make a good first impression and then maintain the relationship.” Prince added. “If you don’t maintain a relationship, you lose your chance to really make each other better off.”

This was a lesson he had to learn the hard way. Dre recounted his experience with Oregon star and current Indian Pacer Joseph Young as a missed opportunity because he should have been better in keeping up with the 2nd round pick early on in his career.

However, Dre’s savvy decision making early in pursuing his passion has fast-tracked his career and believes that others following similar paths, no matter the industry, will help them find results.

“Internships within your industry is how you get your foot in the door.” advised Prince, adding “There are going to be a lot of early mornings and late nights. There’s going to be issues about not knowing when your next paycheck will come in. You’re going to make mistakes, but it’s important not to focus on your losses. Learn from them and keep pressing forward.  Always have a plan A, but also a plan B and a plan C.”

With sage-like wisdom, tenacious work ethic and a very humble and honest approach to both life and business, Dre Prince is proving why he is one to watch in the sport business.

What are your thought on how Dre Prince is creating his own career path? Does his story resemble the journey you’ve taken as an entrepreneur? Hit us up on twitter @LaunchDon, instagram @LaunchDon or on Facebook and let your voice be heard!

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