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July 22, 2016

Emerging Stars: MC Killa Quin

With a Million-Dollar Smile and an Entrepreneurial Drive, this Texas MC has Billboard Success in his Crosshairs.

December 23, 2010. The day emerging star MC Killa Quin’s career path had been defined.

Aiming his next shot at the pool table, the 22 year old beamed with pride as he described the exact moment he knew what his talents were best suited for – entertaining.

“It was a skate party, for local high schools in the area. I never really was about parties and in fact, I had been to a party before the one I organized, and everyone still talks about that party until this day.” said Quin.

Carrying an imposing stature well over 6 feet and 200 lbs, Quin’s early successes were in athletics. As standout baseball player, he drew significant attention through his performances on the diamond. But it wasn’t until that fateful night in 2010 that he knew that his abilities to perform in front of crowds was best suited for entertainment, rather than scoring runs.

Drawing influence from the pioneers of MC’ing – Dougie Fresh and MC Lyte – Quin then jumped in head-first into the entertainment and party scenes in South Texas and never once looked back.

“I feel like I had a head start over others who are in this field. They started around 21 or 22 – when they started being able to actually get in the clubs.” declared Quin.”I was able to do same job, but I was much younger. I was hanging out and working crowds in Houston’s top clubs at the age of 17.”

Now an established personality at venues and college campuses throughout Texas, Quin has been generating major momentum. His latest milestone came at 2016’s SXSW Festival in Austin, where hosted his first Killa Quin exclusive party for fans and up and coming musicians alike. He believes that the city has the greatest potential for MC’s to make a name for themselves and plans on securing more events in the city as well as at the University of Texas.

However, Quin holds a rather bleak view on the future of MC’ing.

“The use of the MC is going to become obsolete very soon…DJs are now taking our roles because they know how to use the mic, they know how to turn the crowd up.” said Quin.

Because of this, Quin believes that evolving his skills and his craft is critical for his career’s success and has begun the transition to involve himself more on the music side. His goal in the next five is to have released two compilation albums, with hopes to have modest Billboard chart success.

Also fluent in the Spanish language, Quin also has global ambitions as he wants to become the first “Major International MC” and host events south of the border and in South America.

With his personable charisma, verbal talent and tremendous work ethic, the future looks bright for MC Killa Quin.

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